Saturday, December 10, 2011

Citrix Licensing - v11.9 - Update Bugs

Had some issues this week updating our Citrix licensing server. A five minute task took me two hours. We had a simple renewal of our subscription advantage (SA). I took downloaded the new .lic file from mycitrix and imported through the Vendor Daemon options. That seemed to work fine. I selected the "Overwrite" option. However, it didn't overwrite. It was still showing the old license plus the new ones. Also, the numbers were now incorrect for both.

I got Citrix on the line and was informed "yea that happens sometimes, overwrite doesn't always work as intended. Fortunately, the fix was simple.
  1. Backup your .lic file(s)
  2. Delete the .lic from the MyFiles folder (default location for Citrix licensing)
  3. Restart the Citrix Licensing Windows service.
  4. Import the new license again
  5. Reread license file under Vendor Daemon options
After restarting the service with no licenses you'll see nothing in the licensing console. Then you can import into a clean slate. We did this midday with no impact to our farm (to be expected since the servers run on cache for a period of time when no license server is found).

Side Note: We restarted the Windows Service because the "Stop" option under Vendor Daemon does nothing. Known, documented bug in v11.9 of the licening console.


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