Thursday, March 29, 2012

SCOM Groups Dyanmic Members OU Recursive

Recently I went looking for a good way to add a group of servers to system center operations manager a bit more dynamically. I came across this article which I found very handy.

However, the last thing he says is..."Please note that this will only include machines in the OU specified, it you want to include computers from another OU you can simple add a “OR” expression."

Seems tedious at right? So I started looking for how to do recursive OU membership adds in SCOM. I found a bunch of stuff siting how to use custom LDAP queries, PowerShell, custom management packs. bleh...

Here's what I came up with....

  1. Note the highest level OU for which you want to capture all sub-systems
  2. Go to one of the systems in SCOM and view the properties in "Monitoring". One of the values will be "Organizational Unit" > Copy it
  3. Create your Dynamic Members inclusion rule
  4.  Select "Windows Computer" > Add
  • Property = "Organizational Unit"
  • Operator = "Matches Wildcard"
  • Value = *< OU that you copied in step 2>


Works like a charm!



  1. Does the AD MP have to be installed?

    1. I don't believe so. The OU should be an attribute automatically captured by SCOM. Unfortunately, I'm at a new company where I don't have SCOM so I can't validate that for you. Should be very easy to test though.

  2. This is fantastic! I've tried every other blog, and this is the only dynamic OU group configuration that has actually WORKED!! thanks!

    PS the line here may have a typo? did you mean to add the "I" between the = and + ?

    >>> Value = I* + < OU that you copied in step 2>

    I went by your e.g and it worked:

    >>>> *OU=Application,OU=Servers,DC=DOMAIN,DC=COM

    1. I don't recall exactly why I had the "I*" in there. Could have been a fat finger or a legitimate reason at the time (3 years ago). I just tested it again. As you described, value = * works just fine. Glad it helped you out!

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  4. OU Matches Regular Expression ^XenApp|^XenDesktop|ect...|ect... (^ is the wildcard)