Friday, August 30, 2013

SCOM 2012 Percent Processor Time Report Blank

It's a bit of a cop out but the simple fix is to go get a different report. I've seen numerous posts about creating overrides, bringing in custom SSRS reports, etc. etc. In my case I'm running v.6.0.7026.0 of the core OS MP. For whatever reason I couldn't get that report to work. "Performance History (Percent Processor Time)" is always blank. I tried all the variations of overrides and temp rules to get Processor vs. Processor was a pain.

After chasing this for days I saw a post that suggested getting the latest reports. What I ened up with was a different MP entirely. I grabbed the "Windows Server Operating System Reports" 

This MP contains two reports. They are both able to display stats like CPU Average % Utilization, Memory Average % Physical Memory, and Logical Disk Average Disk Queue Length, and so on. I found the reports useful. This was a simple work around to get the stats I needed without having to correct Microsoft's blunder.

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