Thursday, April 5, 2012

HP StorageWorks MP for SCOM

Hopefully I'll have more successful info in the future...<coming soon>

I'm currently working on getting the HP StorageWorks Management Pack for SCOM going. The guide that comes with the download isn't bad. However, I still can't seem to get our P4000 series servers to populate. I've talked to HP several times and they're not even sure where to direct the question. I talked to a pretty knowledgeable guy on the P4000 team but he hasn't been able to find anyone just yet. I did successfully generate test traps from the P4000 CMC to SCOM. However, I really wanted to see the diagram view :(  I also added my P4000 nodes and clusters as network devices without any issues.

The other thing I'm trying to get working with it is our HP MSL4048 tape library. I added the network device which works fine. However, the actual dice. I even went as far as building a new 2008R2 server with CommandView for Tape Libraries (since the management pack has a CommandView node). Still no love.

fyi, local drives on our HP DL380s showed up right away so that was pretty cool. No special config was required.

I'm hoping getting a post out here will drum up some interest. Anyone having any luck? Same problems?

Update 4/10/2012
Working with HP support today. Trying to get to the SCOM MP team (teir 3). Sent over some bundle info from P4000 CMC. Also ran this utility to send them a ton of logs. Hopefully I'll have some answers soon.

Update 4/21/2012
I was at MMS this week and met the product manager for the HP StorageWorks management pack team. I explained the above about the P4000 diagram view. The tech with him laughs and says "yea I can't get it to work either". Sooo...I got the manager's business card. We'll see what turns up.



  1. Hello Shep. My name is Steve Ray and I am one of the HP managers for the LHN remote technical support team. Would you call me at 800-633-3600 , then say "LeftHand Solutions" at the IVR and ask for me by name. I will get you the help you need.


  2. Hello Shep. Does any changes after HP guys help you? I have same issue after HP StorageWorks MP version2.1.2 imported in SCOM2012.


  3. Unfortunately, I do not have left hand at my current employer so I have gotten away from troubleshooting this one. At a minimum I plan to leave this post up so people will at least know there is an issue. If anyone finds a solution with HP I hope they have time to leave a comment.