Wednesday, April 18, 2012

MMS 2012 - where to begin!

Learning a ton of new stuff in Las Vegas this year. Hopefully we can get back to WI and really kick things into high gear. There's so much to do. It's funny how you come out with a certain mindset about what you want to learn about based on what you knew yesterday. Some of that is getting turned on its head.

I was looking forward to really hitting CM and OM 2012. We get out here and whoa. We really need to look at ramping up our VDI and dig into Intune. I wrote a completely separate post because I'm so pumped about the VDI potential.

Service Manager would also be a huge asset which we already knew. We just didn't know what a heavy investment we would have to make in our infrastructure to do it. 4 server minimum?? Orchestrator plays a huge role here too in building workflows. If you can squeeze in the time to build it out there are tons of time savings to be had. User add/change/remove was a great example here. Someone starts with the company what do you do? Create the AD account, Exchange account, Lync, folder perms, deploy a workstation, and so on. All possibly automated with business intelligence (approvals and such) built right in. Awesome.

SUP with CM2012 is improved. I don't hate our process now and it's just going to get better!

OM network monitoring is greatly improved really opening communication with network engineers.

Let's not forget Server 2012 was announced. While they were talking about new storage features and hyperv it struck me, "does that mean AD 2012". Man it's going to be a busy year!

We're over halfway through but I'm sure there's more great stuff on the way. It's a little overwhelming but I'm really excited at the potential of it all. Hopefully we can overcome blockers and really deliver great solutions for our users. It's all "user centric" now after all!


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